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I was tagged by the fabulous :iconamynchan: *jazz hands*
There's a lot of personal info in this one, so if you want to learn more about me then please read :giggle:

what’s your name ➔  Heidi
do you have a nickname ➔  Small One, Quiet One, Dee, Zippy, Zip-Zip (by Amy ^^) (last three only online)
do you have a middle name ➔  Marie
do you like your name ➔  Indeed. It means "noble one" and I get goats. 
do people often mispronounce your name ➔  Not mispronounce, but spelling is often an issue.
do you like the meaning of your name ➔  Yes. It sounds like I could lead an army into battle. xD
when is your birthday ➔ June 20
how old are you ➔ 17
do you like your age ➔ Not really. I'll be an adult soon and be expected to start acting like one (there will be disappointment) 
what’s your zodiac sign ➔ Gemini

what’s your hair colour ➔ Light brown
is your current hair colour your natural hair color ➔ yush
do you dye your hair ➔  No, but dyeing it blue or purple is very tempting. xD
do you have natural highlights ➔ Yeah. Gold ones all over. 
when was the last time you had a haircut ➔ Oh gosh... Um, August? ^^;
what length is your hair right now ➔ Pretty long. To my waist I'd say.
do you have straight, wavy or curly hair ➔ Wavy Yato (Lazy Waving) [V1] 
do you have frizzy hair ➔ Yeah
do you use a curling iron ➔ Nope
do you use a hair straightener ➔ Sometimes when I feel like it.
do you braid your hair ➔ It's my go to hair style Elsa Sing 
what’s your eye colour ➔ Blue green. But they tend to change color based on my mood. I'm like a living mood ring. 
do your eyes change colour ➔ Yup
do you wear contacts ➔ No. I would, but the idea of sticking a foreign object in my eye is abmhv ><
if so, do you use colour contacts or regular contacts ➔ Color contacts would be pretty cool. But again, I'm too nervous to wear contacts 
do you wear glasses ➔ Heck yeah!Sebastian Michaelis (Hawt Glasses) [V2] Just got a new pair a few weeks ago.
do you have naturally long eyelashes ➔ Not sure.
do you have dimples ➔ A little bit. Not too sure :shrug:
do you have moles ➔ Yeah.
do you have outstanding cheekbones ➔ "Outstanding"? I mean yeah I have cheekbones but nothing close to Angelina Jolie materialthat devious smile 
do you have freckles ➔ A few I think.
do you have piercings ➔ No. Those freak me out too ><
do you have tattoos ➔ No, needles are horrifying Llama Emoji-07 (Hopeless or Scared) [V1] 
do you wear make up ➔ On special occasions. I don't really have time for it otherwise. 
do you paint your nails ➔ I do for holidays.
do you wear jewelry ➔ Sometimes, but I'm usually too worried about losing the stuff. A bow is all I need to accessorize Chiyo Sway Icon 
are you happy with your height ➔ I'm 5'2. The struggle is real Levi3 

would you consider yourself outgoing or shy ➔ VERY shy 
are you sarcastic ➔ Noooo, why would you think that?
what’s your biggest fear ➔ Failure. And socializing. The two together is a nightmare.
what’s your guilty pleasure ➔ Drawing and writing... And reading Levixreader fanficsMeowth Look  
are you religious ➔ Yes. It's nice to not feel entirely alone in this world.
do you get easily along with people ➔ Not really. It takes a while for me to get used to new people.
do you cry easily ➔ It depends on the situation.

do you live with your biological parents ➔ Yup
do you get along with your parents ➔ Okay, I guess. It's best not to talk about it. 
do you tell your parents everything ➔ Almost everything. 
do you have strict parents ➔ YES
do you have siblings ➔ Yup. One younger brother. 
are you the oldest ➔ Yesssevil smile 
are you in the middle ➔ There is no middle. 
are you the youngest ➔ No. 
are all of your grandparents still alive ➔ No. Only one is still alive now.

do you have a best friend ➔ There are several people who I could consider best friends, as they are always there for me. 
do you have more than 10 friends ➔ Uhh, let's see *counts on fingers* Sure, why not Shrug 
do you have at least 2 friends you can trust with your life ➔ 100% yes.
do you have a lot of guy friends, a lot of girl friends or equal girl and guy friends ➔ Most of my friends are girls. There are plenty of amiable guys I know, but I don't know them well enough to call them "friends".
do you text with your friends a lot ➔ No. I don't have a phone.

Relationships (here we go Sherlock - Rolling Eyes )
what’s your relationship status ➔ Single
have you ever been in love ➔ I'd say I have. Taiga Aisaka (Blush) [V1] 
do you believe in love at first sight ➔ It depends on the people.
have you ever been in a relationship ➔ It's complicated, but I guess I'll say no. 
have you ever had a secret admirer ➔ I don't know. That's why it's called a secret admirer. Ciel Phantomhive (Drinking Tea) [V1] 
have you ever been asked out on a date ➔ Yeah, but it was a joke Anna  Frozen icon 
have you ever been kissed ➔ No. 
have you ever made out with someone ➔ nO
have you ever been cheated on ➔ Hard to be cheated on if you've never really been with anyone.
have you ever been proposed to ➔ Not seriously. 
do you want to get married ➔ Certainly. 
do you want kids ➔ Yes, I'll have three and name them after the Shiganshina trio Eren Yeager-01 [V5] Armin Arlert (Joy) [V5] Mikasa Ackerman (Obeys) [V6] Heck, let's add another and throw Levi in the mix Levi (Opens Window) [V1] 

where were you born ➔ USA
where do you live right now ➔ Minnesota (don'tcha know xD)
have you ever been out of the country ➔  Nope.
do you prefer country or city ➔ It's hard to decide. I like where I live since it's in between. But I'll be moving to Chicago in the fall, so I also like the city :shrug: 
do you like sightseeing ➔ Sure, if the sights are interesting. 
is one or more of your parents from another country ➔ No, but my mom is part of the first generation of her family to live in America. 
what places would you like to visit ➔ JAPAN (all my anime buds should go together!), Ireland, France, England, Germany, Hungary... The whole world xDDD 
what languages can you speak ➔ English, some French (still learning), and a few words and phrases in German and Japanese

do you have any allergies ➔ Yeah. I'll allergic to cats, dust, pollen, and that artificial cheese junk (high msg content) Dipper Sneezing 
are you lactose intolerant ➔ No, and a good thing, too, since I LOVE milk ^w^ A note to any girls reading: If you're not lactose intolerant DRINK YOUR MILK. You'll need that calcium later in life, since women are more likely to have bone problems. 
have you had surgery ➔ No
have you had stitches ➔ Never. Thank God. 
have you broken a bone ➔ I've broken my little toe three times in the last year. Pewds - Facepalm 
has someone close to you died of a disease ➔ My maternal grandmother died due to ovarian cancer, though her death is officially listed as "natural causes". And my paternal grandfather died from colon cancer. 
do you exercise a lot ➔ At least once a week.

have you ever had a near death experience ➔ I've been pretty good at avoiding those. 
have you ever been on a plane ➔ Yush. Flying is fun ^^
have you ever had an all nighter ➔ Yeahhhh man Kitty Dance 

have you ever been to school/work after a sleepless night ➔ yushh Too tired for this 
have you ever been in a physical fight ➔ I fought all the time with my brother when we were younger. Got the scars to prove it.Usui-Fight (Takumi Usui) 
have you ever been to a wedding ➔ Yeah. I got sick and had to go home. 
have you ever been to a funeral ➔ Yes.
have you ever lived in a different country ➔ No
have you ever been drunk ➔ No.  I don't drink. I had wine before and I don't understand why people like it so much (tastes terrible!)
have you ever been trick or treating ➔ YES Dancing Pumkin head 2 
have you ever been in a school play ➔  Yes, and it was a dreadful experience. (The parents treated me horribly) I quit theater altogether as a result. My old music teacher keeps telling me to get back into it, but I have no plans to. 
have you ever been to a camp ➔ I used to go to summer camp at my local park. It was fun ^^
have you ever driven a car ➔ No, but I'll have to get my license this summer before I move.

how many languages are you fluent in ➔ One Llama Emoji-09 (Drinking Tea) [V1] 
have you ever read a book in another language ➔ Yeah, I'm reading one in French right now ^^
can you roll your tongue ➔ Yup.
can you braid hair ➔ Yeah, I do mine almost every day. 
can you do a handstand ➔ I haven't tried it in years. So no.

do you crack your knuckles ➔ Sometimes after I've done a lot of writing. 
do you bite your nails ➔ No. I did when I was younger, but broke the habit.
do you bite your lips ➔ Yeah ^^;

what’s your favourite movie ➔ Ohhh noooo I can't decide! I love so many! The Lord of the Rings trilogy, perhaps?
what’s your favourite tv show ➔ SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN Hanji1 
what’s your favourite book ➔ CAN'T DECIDE!!!
what’s your favourite song ➔ Again there's so many I love. But "Don't Stop Believing" is particularly close to my heart, as well as anything by OwlCity. 
what’s your favourite colour ➔ Blue 
what’s your favourite animal ➔ Bunny Bunny bored 
what’s your favourite season ➔ Winter LIcklick 

This or that
summer or winter ➔ Winter, 'cause the cold never bothered me anyway!
day or night ➔ Night The Shadow of the Moon at Night 
cats or dogs ➔  Cats (even though I'm allergic I still like them more) Cat nods 
rain or shine ➔ Rain
coffee or tea ➔ Black tea
reading or writing ➔ Both is good Smile Miguel 
humorous or serious ➔ An even balance of the two.
brown or blue eyes ➔ Electric blue eyes are bound to get anyone's attention Yato Sparkleeye Icon 
single or group dates ➔ I've never been on a date, so I couldn't tell you.
texts or calls ➔ I don't have a cell phone, so calls are the only things I can take. 
driving or walking ➔ Walking. It's good exercise. 

last phone call ➔ My aunt.
last text ➔ Don't text. 
last song you listened to ➔ Panic at the Disco's "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" 
last thing you ate ➔ Some chocolate ^w^
last thing you drank ➔ Raspberry iced tea. 
last purchase ➔ A ticket to Big Hero 6 (I don't buy much)
last time you cleaned your room ➔ Next question. Levi Rivaille (Clean Freak) [V3]  

I tag:  :iconjengogirl::iconcortella::iconstaticcolour::icondallimater::iconimaginina::iconepicpenguin145: and anyone in the ol' gang who wants to! 
P.S. You don't have to complete this if you don't want to. Just something to do for fun Eren1 

God bless :heart:

~Heidi :heart: 


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Ferb Walking by DiekeDrake Welcome to my page everyone! Phineas walking by DiekeDrake

Hi everyone! I'm Heidi, but you can call me Dee, Zippy, whatever you like. :giggle:
Anyhoo, I plan to become either an animator, character designer, or storyboard artist in the future, so all the feedback you give on my work is greatly appreciated. ^^
I mostly draw traditional art and cartoons/animation. Attempting to get into some digital stuff, but money is a bit of a problem...
You'll see me go through phases in my gallery where I'll be drawing more of one fandom before switching to another. No worries, I'll try to keep everything balanced :)
I am also a Catholic and I'm proud of it. Jesus Forever!
Well that's all I got so enjoy browsing and God bless!

Want to get sneak peeks on my latest work? Follow my tumblr at
Frequent updates begin Summer 2014!

FREE Mini Levi Doll by YokoKinawa


Can I color *insert work*?: NO. Unless if I say so directly in the description or tell you otherwise, YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO TAKE MY WORK AND COLOR/ DO ANYTHING ELSE TO IT.

What medium do you use?: I mostly use Prismacolor pencils and markers, and sometimes chalk for my bigger pieces. I think I've got some oil pastels kicking around too...

Can we be friends? Eh hehhh.... Listen, I'm not a very social person and I have few friends, both in real life and online. I don't become friends at the press of a button. I have to really get to know you and...yeah ^^;

Can you draw *insert character, object, thingy*?: I take all requests into consideration. It just depends what I feel like drawing. Thank you for your requests and I'll see what I can do :)

Thank you :heart:

by my dear friend :iconcortella:

Shiny Catholic Deviant Stamp by Nikoagonistes Stamp-Heaven's Light by Jazzy-C-Oaks Deviant Stamp - Believer by Retermined Holiday Card Project Stamp by Heidi 2D Support Stamp by Trounced MY ONE AND ONLY STAMPPPP by pumpkyn Inspiration, the dilemma by sam-ely-ember the truth stamp by manic-pixie teddy stamp by findyQ Pieces of Heart Stamp by Mirz123 Toy story by thevodkaboy I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31d My OC's -stamp- by shorty-antics-27 OC - Soul Stamp by Alphares I Support Creativity Stamp by BackAlleyScrapper Disney Stamp by poserfan Phineas stamp by natyphineasferbfan PnF - Crazy Phin Stamp by sam-ely-ember PnF - Phinbella Stamp by sam-ely-ember phinbella kiss stamp by M-I-Z-Z PnF - Ferbnessa stamp by sam-ely-ember Bath Time Perry Stamp by Turtlegirl5 PnF - This stamp is a platypus by sam-ely-ember Phiny Stamp by GabieGaga91 PnF- Get on the trike -Stamp by sam-ely-ember Phineas Vs Phineas Stamp by rashter i love.. phineas STAMP by GabieGaga91 Phineas Flynn :Stamp: by sabakunoozura Phineas Stamp by L-mon PnF Caramell Dansen by Aletheiia90 Ferb Stamp by L-mon Isabella Stamp by L-mon :thumb361824856: :thumb366032045: PnF2 - Marie Fan Stamp by sam-ely-ember PnF2 - Thomas Stamp by sam-ely-ember Jack Stamp by Sinister-Starfeesh Jack TNBC 04 by TTPersephoneTT A Nightmare Before Christmas by kikikittykat Jack Skellington fan Stamp by here-kitty--kitty Jack is Smexy by LaylaTheBlackCheetah Nightmare Before Christmas Dis by Maleficent84 PewDiePie - Here Comes The Brofist Stamp by TwilightProwler Calvin and hobbes by simplestamp Owl City by Harrvest POTC: Jack Sparrow by Claire-stamps Jack Sparrow Stamp by RogueLottie Captain Jack Sparrow stamp by RedSarine Jack's Peanut by Golden-Flute PotC .Captain Jack Sparrow stamp by MariaPereira He's A Pirate by azianwolfdoll Luffy Stamp by LiLanChuu Luffy-stamp by AkatsukiGirl11 stamp luffy lover by Strawberry-Loupa One Piece Zoro Stamp by erjanks Zoro Smile by spider999now stamp 1 zoro one piece by MRTrobin Straw Hat Pirate Love by DefectiveCandy Stamp: Zoro's Luver by zoro4me3 :thumb290351465: One Piece stamp by wallabby Zoro TwoYL attack stamp by Kaze-yo Funny Shanks stamp by Okami-Moony Shanks stamp by Okami-Moony Ever After Stamp by violet-waves Lord of the rings stamp by vero-g6-stamps Stamp-TobyMac by Jazzy-C-Oaks I support TobyMac by OnWingsOfBlue Tobymac is my homeboy stamp by SRSC-kenny OneRepublic Stamp by Kyokui Hatsune Miku stamp by DensetsuShinobi Owl City Stamp by Muttie Owl City Stamp 2 by Dekaff
Bright and Beautiful by sailingskyline Adam Lambert Stamp by KrisCynical Adam Lambert Fan Stamp by browneyedfairy23
If I Had You - Adam Lambert by enigmatia Adam Lambert + Fondue ? by swaseena Adam Lambert stamp by ChocoCrisp
Stamp - Adam Lambert by ValentineFever If I had You by LadyQuintessence For Your Entertainment Stamp by irradiation
Angel Swept You Stamp by Gokulover4ever I Own Your Heart Stamp by Gokulover4ever Skillet Stamp by TheSaladMan Skillet, Awake by TheSaladMan Disney Frozen Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Elsa + Ice Magic Stamp by TwilightProwler
Disney Elsa + Door Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Anna Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Elsa + Ice Magic Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Anna + Blizzard Stamp by TwilightProwler Elsa Stamp c: by Thetruffulacupcake Anna + Elsa Stamp by RosyInk
Anna + Elsa Stamp 2 by RosyInk Elsa free hair stamp (updated) by Thetruffulacupcake We Love Elsa by stampsnstuff
Disney Elsa + Door Stamp by TwilightProwler Elsa stamp by Natsu-Annie Anna stamp by Natsu-Annie
Anna x Kristoff stamp by Shichi-Saruko Daft Punk Stamp by InuyashaServant "ready" stamp by jak-woman 21 Guns Green Day Stamp by SinMisericordia21
Ouran High School Host Club by Ellexon Ouran Highschool Host Club Stamp by DogFreak108 Ouran High School Host Club ~ stamp by OtomeNishiki Ouran Stamp 1 by HBP12
Twins Stamp by Vexic929 Ouran: Twins- Peek by Kaze-yo OhSHC- Twins by dream0writer7 Hikaru and Kaoru Fan - Stamp by Kizushik Rosy Hikaru Stamp by VirulentRequiem
Tamaki by Ellexon :Stamp: Tamaki Sweetheart by ichiipanpan : Stamp : Love Tamaki by ichiipanpan Ouran: Tamaki stamp oo2 by Kaze-yo Tamaki fan by ChiisanaHoshi
: Stamp : Tama Waii by ichiipanpan Tamaki x Haruhi stamp by kitskie Tamaki Stamp by MisakiAmour TamaHaru Heart Stamp by Vexic929
Shingeki no Kyojin Stamp by hakutan Stamp Shingeki no Kyojin by AtsuKiro Titan Stamp by uiopuiop Wir sind die Jaeger stamp by psyxi0 Shingeki no Kyojin GIF Stamp by OjiKiyowo Attack On Titan Stamp by uiopuiop Levi vs Female Titan - SNK Stamp by Theera Attack On Titan Stamp: Levi Saving Eren by wow1076 Scouting Legion Stamp [Shingeki no Kyojin] by SuzukeAmaterasu Levi stamp by Superpluplush Levi stamp by Superpluplush Levi stamp by Superpluplush Levi Stamp by OjiKiyowo SnK: Heichou's FABULOUS kick stamp by themuffinshota Attack On Titan Stamp: Surprised Levi by wow1076 Attack On Titan Stamp: Levi Drinking Tea by wow1076 SNK: Jean Kirschtein Stamp by Adraowen Attack On Titan Stamp: Jean 2 by wow1076 Attack On Titan Stamp: Jean 3 by wow1076 Jean Kirschtein Stamp by sennketsu Attack On Titan Stamp: Jean by wow1076 Fluegel Der Freiheit Stamp by sennketsu Attack On Titan Stamp: Armin 3 by wow1076 Attack On Titan Stamp by wow1076 Attack On Titan Stamp: Amrin 2 by wow1076
Shingeki no Kyojin Eren Stamp by LinaLeeL Shingeki no Kyojin - Mikasa by LinaLeeL Shingeki no Kyojin Armin Stamp by LinaLeeL Shingeki no Kyojin Jean Stamp by LinaLeeL Shingeki no Kyojin Levi Stamp by LinaLeeL

Outta the way. Hunk comin' through.

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